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Increase productivity of Accounts Payable agents by 2-5 times with one integrated solution


Improve compliance by rules and algorithms that read unstructured text as a human being would do

Future proof

(Gradual) transition from today’s reality (paper, (mail) PDF) to tomorrow’s promise: e-invoicing (XML, EDI, etc)

1. Our Smart Algorithms

14 years of Research and Development resulted in a 3rd generation of algorithms that are:

Continuously optimizing and by learning from changes made by agents

Reading unstructured text from PDF invoices as a human being would do

Language agnostic (so including Chinese, Korean, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, etc) without training or setup

Smart from the start: by itself and based on processed historical accounting information

2. No Barcodes, No Seperators

Just scan a batch of invoices

  • No barcodes, no separators
  • The machine will split the batch into individual invoices
  • Invoice number identification using pattern recognition, not templates

Review by agents in the beginning. If the robot gets ‘trust’, it will soon automatically progress if it is ‘sure enough’, after human approval.

3. The Accounting Robot

Coding of Non-PO invoices, smartly performed by the robot:

  • Based on historical accounting information, the robot identifies patterns and creates rules
  • The algorithms ‘read’ the invoice to find better clues for proper coding of the invoice
  • Your robot optimization team gives love to the robot by doing manual optimizations as part of continuous improvement

Create a multi-dimension accounting- and compliance framework over all your ERP systems, with exports to each system. The framework allows for global rules and local exception.

4. The Compliance Robot

Let the robot do the compliance checks that are important for you, like:

Is the bank account on the invoice equal to the one in the Vendor Master Data?

Is the legal name on the invoice correct?

Are the proper tax-references stated on the invoice (eg VAT reversed references)

For compliance the platform acts as a ‘rule engine’, however with automated rule-sets and using the smart ‘read as a human’ algorithms.

5. PO and GRN line-level matching

The robot performs ‘PO and/or GRN line-level matching’, using the PO/GRN lines as basis

No templates, but making use of the PO and/or GRN data

This is compared with the captured unstructured text from the scan/PDF/electronic invoice

The robot can tell if the PO/GRN- line is on the invoice

Imagine the impact on your productivity if your ‘First Time Right’ invoices can be processed touchlessly by the robot

6. Review the outcome of the process

You are in control and ‘the boss’ of the algorithms.

On day 1 your agents review all output from each step in the process

Based on statistics of changes made by agents compared to suggestions by the robot, you can (and will) assign trust to the robot to skip steps ‘if the robot is sure enough’

Use the accuracy and productivity reports to focuss on manual optimization

Continuously increase your productivity by eliminating manual processes

Do you want to know more how to apply Artificial Intelligence for AP invoice processing now?

7. Approval workflow (optional)

In case you do not have an approval workflow engine yet, you can add our integrated advanced Approval Workflow Tool

Features like “ask for advice”, “delegation”, “prevent double requests”, “service PO” and “approval escalation”

Create a template that reflects your approval process supported by any mobile device

Optional budget checks in the workflow and budget visibility by the approvers

Big chance we meet your workflow requirements taking in consideration all features we came across our customers over the last 14 years

8. Vendor invoice overview card (optional)

Depending on the design of the setup, you have a total overview of all invoices in the organization in your ERP system, or in our platform.

Reduce time in the total process of the accounts payable process

When a vendor calls, and when using our ‘vendor invoice overview card’, your agents have a complete overview of all invoices for this vendor

Insight as from the moment they were scanned/indexed up to approval workflow (including reasons why an invoice is on hold for example)

Track-and-Trace to underlying documents like PO orders, comments or attachments

9. User friendly review of invoices prior to payment

When all invoices are processed, you may want to review (all or part of the) invoices in a convenient way.

Based on selection criteria the system generates a list of invoices, including all pictures in the correct order

After your review you approve (or make changes)

Accurate logging of all steps taken

We understand that high levels of automation require new controls for you to review the output of the Invoice to Pay process.

10. Create payment proposal with approval and send to bank (optional)

Most of our customers do have a separate payment process, including cash management tooling.

However, in case you do not have such tools, we offer functionality to:

  • Make a selection of invoices to be paid
  • Review and approve the invoice batch
  • Create a payment file (often SEPA) and send it to you bank

A controlled and highly efficient payment process at the end of the Invoice-to-Pay process.

11. Transformation from today’s reality (paper/PDF) to
tomorrows promise (e-invoicing)

Connect your e-invoicing initiative or solution to the platform and benefit from the robot features.

  • The InvoiceSharing e-invoicing module of InvoiceBlox is connected to most of the e-invoicing platforms.
  • In case you do not have such an e-invoicing platform in place yet, you can also onboard suppliers directly to the InvoiceSharing e-invoicing network.
  • Set-up your own Supplier portal via our proprietary Xentral Station cloud platform

Create your own supplier onboarding strategy and benefit from our open vendor platform

Do you want to know more how to onboard suppliers?

12. Dashboarding and Reporting

Measure the performance of the robot, the platform and the agents

Various (real-time) reports for accuracy, productivity and traceability
This also includes reports to reconcile the data in the InvoiceBlox platform to the data in your ERP system.
Improve your proces via our integrated spend management application based on line-level information

Create your own dashboarding with reports to give you all the insights you need

13. Vendor Master Data Synchronization

Cleanse and normalise your Vendor Master Data

In our Innovation area, our teams work with algorithms to optimize Vendor Master Data quality

Continiously improve the quality with the accuracy reports

Let vendors maintain their own Vendor Master Data via our open vendor portal

Contact our team if you are interested to know more

14. Turbo to current IT landscape, not competition

Typically, InvoiceBlox operates as an addition to your existing ERP infrastructure

You can consider it to be a turbo on top of your existing IT landscape where you only use those functionalities that you do not have in place or those you are not happy with in your current environment
The platform is built to connect to other ERP systems and as a result is built in a flexible way to understand the dynamics of SAP, Oracle and many other systems
No worries, we are connected to over 350 ERPs or versions of ERPs.
One overarching invoice-to-pay solution regardless the number and versions of ERP systems in your current landscape

15. Available via our partners for a professional global delivery

The software is used globally and is multilingual

One global solution connecting all your entities and systems

16. Your security is our concern

Your data is important and we act accordingly

ISO27001 and ISAE3402 Type II Accreditation

We support both public and private clouds

Hosting provided by AWS, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace

We trust to align with your security policy

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